Traditional Membership

$50.00 / year

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  1. Listing in the PWGC Member section on our website. (COMING SOON!)
  2. Personalized PWGC name tag.
  3. Recognition at Pursue Your Passion Conference as a member.
  4. Eligible to be drawn for PWGC Meeting Sponsor role (if chosen, does NOT have
    to pay $50 sponsor fee for sponsorship)
  5. Eligible to participate in “PWGC Members Only” programs such as Power Up classes or Mastermind Groups.
  6. Knowing that we are stronger in numbers and every single member makes us stronger together.
  7. Now, sit back and smile; you made a great investment in your career! Get ready
    to join other successful women as we learn, grow, and excel with PWGC!


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