Pay-It-Forward Leadership Book Program

Thank you to all of the authors that have donated to this program in the past and thank you to the locals that continue to fill our shelves with donated gently-used books!

This program has several goals – to give exposure to great authors out there, to make sure our members and attendees have access to great books that can help them develop their careers and to encourage a culture of giving and professional education.

Here is how it works:

  1. We collect books from male and female authors that are willing to donate them. The only requirement is that the book is in the category of Leadership or Professional Development. We ask the person donating the book to also include their business card with each book they donate.
  2. We bring the collected books to our meetings and our annual conference in October and we encourage our attendees to take a book (we never sell them, they are always free).
  3. If a business card was included in the book, we ask the person that receives the book to write a thank you note to the person that donated it. This personally connects them with the author or the person that donated it which makes it a more personal read. And it helps us encourage a spirit of gratitude.
  4. The person that receives the book, then reads the book.
  5. After they are done with the book, they bring the book back to our meeting to get another book or they pass it onto another business person to enjoy.

If you are an author and your book falls into this category and you want to donate one or more copies, we would love to use them in this program. You can mail books to our address: PO Box 1125, Pensacola, FL 32591.

We also collect gently-used leadership books for this program. If you have some great books in this category on your shelves that you want to donate, we would be appreciative. Please email us at directors@powerfulwomengulfcoast.com if you are local and we would be happy to meet you to pick them up or let you know of a drop off location.

Thank you in advance for anyone that wants to contribute to this program!

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