Power Up Challenge

Power Up is a 12 week curriculum designed to educate business-minded women on a variety of business topics. It’s taught “workshop-style” where attendees get networking time and the opportunity to share their own experience and tips on these topics.

Curriculum centers around 4 topics – Business Efficiency (incl. Technology), Marketing (incl. LinkedIn), Networking (what to do before, during, and after an event), and Sales Skills (“ready-aim-fire plan” for selling.) See the class schedule for the full listing of classes.

Who: Women and men are invited to Power Up. You do not have to be a member of PWGC.

*If you attend or pay for 6 of more 12 classes, you will receive a graduation certificate. We are proud to have graduated more than 35 people in the past Power Up Challenge series’!

From one of our graduates about her experience: 

“The Power Up Challenge is one of the best ways to learn! I was at a job I loved but I needed to make a change for my own well-being. I started attending the Power Up Challenge and the lessons, inspiration, and confidence that I received were invaluable to me at that time. The idea of the business I wanted to start was brewing in my head. This class helped me take the giant leap to leave my job and start my own business.  The challenge gave me the confidence and skills that I needed to turn my idea into reality.  I recommend you take the class — you will not regret it.  The information that you will get is worth way more than the cost of the class!” 

— Amanda


CLASS #1: Mindset

Work-life integration, prioritizing your calendar, getting your game face on.

CLASS #2: Organize

Systems for leads, business cards and contacts. Defining your target market.

CLASS #3: Prepare

Determining your networking purpose, evaluating available events/meetings, and networking goal setting.

CLASS #4: Rehearse

Elevator pitches, customizing your message, and add-ons to make your message stick.

CLASS #5: Linkedin from the Outside

How you present determines who you attract. Learning how to attract, teach and engage.


Actions at events to optimize connections. Tips on business cards and name tags. Accounta-billabuddy systems.

CLASS #7: Non-Verbal Networking

Body language, power stances and listening are more critical in networking than your words.

CLASS #8: Follow Through

Networking follow up including templates, scripts and touch points.

CLASS #9: LinkedIn from the Inside

Hunting for the right connections, deepening the relationship and active searching.

CLASS #10: Sales Ready

Abundant mentality and how time, confidence and evidence affects your referrals partners. The 4 fundamentals for endless referrals.

CLASS #11: Golden Instructions

What's better than referrals? Introductions! How to generate endless introductions to your target market.

CLASS #12: Launch

Structuring one-to-one meetings to maximize your networking return on investment.

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Power Up Challenge #9 is a 12-week series of workshop-style classes for business professionals to optimize networking relationships.  Live and Remote classes offered weekly. April – June 2020. $240 Non-Members and $180 for Members. We also have a Pay-As-You-Go option of 3 installment payments of $70.

Our Pay-As-You-Go payment method is 3 installment payments of $70. On the day you registered you pay your first $70 payment, and then 2 more payments on this date for the next two months.

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