Traditional Membership

Traditional Membership: $50/year


  1. Listing in PWGC Member mobile app. (If you have multiple businesses, you can only list one business in the app.) Download from Apple Store or Play Store under Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast.

  2. Personalized PWGC name tag.

  3. Recognition at Pursue Your Passion conference on name badge.

  4. Eligible to be drawn for PWGC Meeting Sponsor role (if chosen, member does still needs to pay normal $30 sponsor fee for sponsorship).

  5. Now, sit back and smile; you made a great investment in your career! Get ready to learn, grow, and excel with PWGC!

Registration Form

I want to show my support for PWGC and join as a Traditional Member and be eligible for the above benefits!

Full Name, as should appear in PWGC Member App
Business Name, as should appear in PWGC Member App
You can include whatever you want on your name tag, if you want your first name or both first and last name or include business name too. Keep in mind the more you include the smaller the print becomes. (List EXACTLY what you want on your name tag, including spacing).

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