PED Talks – Professional and Executive Development

Quick paced talks by local community leaders.

Along with the keynote, again this year, we will also feature our unique “PED Talk” speakers. PED stands for Professional and Executive Development and is short, impactful talks by local community members about subjects that are important for women in business. Our PED Talks are limited to 13 minutes each preceded by a brief introduction.

Pursue Your Passion 2017 Conference PED Speakers:

Quint Studer, Founder & CEO, Studer Community Institute 

  Sue Straughn, News Anchor & Senior Editor, WEAR-TV Channel 3 

Andrea Krieger, Executive Director of Institutional Development, Pensacola State College Foundation  

Individuals who have always performed highly can sometimes
underestimate the impact that change will have on them. Through Quint’s work with
organizations over the decades, he has found high performers struggle with change even more
so than others. Quint will describe why this is and what can be done to help high performers
manage change.  Quint Bio


Sue Straughn, News Anchor & Senior Editor, WEAR TV Channel 3

“Let your passion find your purpose…”

Program description:  You give your best and you give your most when you’re giving from the heart.  Is your heart in the work that you do; in the service that you give?  We’ll take just a minute to think about some ways to get the most out of our time, our resources and life.  SUE STRAUGHN BIO

Is fear negative and inspiration positive?  If you get sweaty palms each time you have to present to an audience… if you get butterflies when you have to pitch an idea or make a sale… if you spend additional hours ensuring work is “perfect” before you hand it in… are these indications of fear or inspiration?  Is one good and the other bad?  Both fear and inspiration can reap excellence, but there can be diverse consequences on individuals depending on how the motivation is viewed.   This presentation will discuss whether it is better to strive for excellence or fear failure?  When inspiration is founded in a belief that No one can be a better YOU, possibilities are limitless.  Andrea Krieger Bio 2017